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Pilot Job Posting

  • Post unlimited jobs for free during our pilot period!
  • Edit your job anytime.
  • Online for 90 days.

PSLF Resource Kit

Comprehensive PSLF education for non-profit HR leadership, recruiters, finance, or all of the above.

  • 60-Minute Educational Session
  • Learn to help your employees and recruits maximize PSLF
  • Understanding "Salary Equivalent" analysis
  • Follow-up summary with applicable forms and action plan



Jobs & Ongoing Support

Bills at $95/monthly.

Includes the PSLF Resource Kit and initial 60-minute meeting, PLUS:

  • Up to 20 Job Postings (90 days each)
  • Featured Job & Employer Status
  • Unlimited Salary Calculator Access
  • Annual PSLF Review and Marketplace Update

*Minimum 6-month commitment

$95.00 per month

PSLF Webinar for Existing/Incoming Staff

A live webinar with Q&A to explain the details and requirements of the PSLF program to your employees with student debt. The session will be recorded and available for 6 months to share/post at your discretion.