Integrity Healthcare
  • Grants Pass, OR, USA
Jul 05, 2022  
- Bread and butter General Neurology.   Location is also suitable for a specialist looking to create a new niche service. - Provider-led, financially stable group of hospital-employed providers. - Autonomous setting, new location in Fayetteville, NC.  - Comprehensive marketing and business development support provided.  - Seasoned Neurology partners cover the group' s other 3  clinics. - Focus on delivering quality patient care, leave the operational details to us. - 100% outpatient (Stable Hospitalist service offers consult, inpatient and direct admit support. Established Neuro Hospitalist program, Certified Stroke Center. Competitive) - Compensation and benefits package: Salary guarantee Quality bonus, potential for productivity incentive Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) and option for loan repayment assistance Residency and Fellowship stipend  Annual time off Excellent health, life and disability benefits 3 retirement savings plans – 401a, 403b with match, 457b Relocation...
Integrity Healthcare Fayetteville, NC, USA