About Us

 PSLFjobs.com is the only jobs platform and resource dedicated to student loan borrowers and qualified employers who can recruit and retain talent through student loan forgiveness.

PSLFjobs.com was founded to help non-profit and Public Service employers recruit and retain talent by maximizing federal loan forgiveness available through the PSLF program. On the other side of this equation, we work with federal student loan borrowers to help them identify their PSLF savings opportunity and then help them secure qualified employment.

Over the past 10 years, in an industry rife with conflicts of interest where servicers continue to fail borrowers, we discovered a glaring need for a bridge between graduate borrowers and Public Service and non-profit employers.  

Our jobs platform is just the beginning; we don’t merely enable graduates with student loan debt to peruse a national database of PSLF-qualified jobs and submit their resume with one click. PSLFjobs.com provides resources and consulting services to non-profit employers, and offers web-based analytics that calculate the benefit available when PSLF is leveraged to maximize savings. We highlight the “PSLF Salary” available in a qualified role when loan forgiveness is contemplated.

Please contact jason@pslfjobs.com with questions, or to learn more about the unique opportunity PSLF offers in the form of a federal subsidy to your compensation package as a qualified employer.

PSLFjobs is the DBA for BenElevate, LLC, a Public Service employer benefit consultant.